5 Tips And Tricks to Get Rid of Dead Stock

5 Tips And Tricks to Get Rid of Dead Stock

Selling something online can be really tricky. It is especially with the beginners who can’t figure out what product to sell or not aware of the fundamentals of inventory management, eventually end up with dead stocks.

Stocking excess inventory is one of the most common problems for retailers. If you keep safety stock, there is a huge chance that it may go unused probably for months or years. It not only increases the costs but can also lead you to depression if they are not sold. So how to get rid of dead stock? The only way is to sell dead stock in USA without making losses and also keeping the brand intact.

1.Implement an inventory tool

The first thing you need to know is how much excess stock you have to get rid of dead stock. The cloud-based inventory management system has now made retailers life quite easy. It allows them to integrate the inventory from several locations into a single system, offering inventory levels in real-time.

In this way, implementing inventory management software will offer tools to sort out how much your current inventory is dead stock. By knowing your dead stock, you can make a list of the items. If you target the higher value stock first, it will allow you to cover the costs involved with dead stock in a very short time. Otherwise, it is always recommended to segregate the inventory according to the frequency of movement and stock them in that way.

2.Include them in daily deals

There are few sites that implement a daily deal offer that allows the customers to buy products at a discounted rate. If you implement some excess stock in daily deals, it can make it easy for you to get rid of the products. Including daily deals means offering one or two offers at a discounted rate regularly. In this way, you can limit the shopper’s purchase and have them add the product to the cart.

3.Bundle product

Bundling products is one more way to offload your dead stock. If your product consists of car charger, mobile cover or clothing, then you can create an enticing bundling easily with relevant products for a good price. In this way you can get rid of multiple excess stocks and your customers will also be happy to buy them if they are offered a good price.

4.Flash relevant coupon codes

Offer a discount to offload some of your stock. So, flash relevant discount coupon codes on pages of your site. In this way, a customer who visits your site will get attracted to your products and ignore other products.  So you will automatically increase the chance of getting rid of dead stocks.

5. Offer free shipping

Free shipping is now on the trend. the sales will suffer if you don’t offer free shipping. So make sure you offer free shipping on your excess stock which will also attract the customers to add products. By doing this, you will keep the customers happy and also offload the dead stock instantly.

Following the above tips and tricks you can get rid of deadstock, but don’t forget to show the urgency in every trick you implement.

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