About Us

Our aim is to create a market place for dead stock selling and buying. To that end, we have tried to first understand the requirement of such a market in the first place. Our research has bought up a number of points including the subject of dead stock inventory management.

To run a business successfully, a lot of decisions needed to be made. One such decision is about buying raw materials or parts required for creating a particular product and such. A lot of times, the accumulated inventory does not get used for a number of reasons.

There are also scenarios,where manufacturers end up producing items in an amount way more than required.Sometimes an order gets canceled after the product has been manufactured and soon. In short, there are a number of reasons due to which a business may end up acquiring a large stock of items. To sell slow moving inventory in USA you need a viable market place and we offer exactly that.

At Bustle board, we make sure that, you can sell unused, high-quality products to the interested party. The products offered are genuine and they are often priced cost-effectively for faster sales. If you are a business owner and have such a slow moving inventory or a collection of items in huge numbers, then we will provide the opportunity to sell them properly.

You can place an ad on the website and wait for the replies or if an ad looks promising, then you can ask for a quote or bid as well. We are ensuring that you can acquire products at best value or solve the problem of huge inventory stock up.