How long does it take to post my ad after it is submitted?

BUSTLEBOARD reviews every listing before it is posted on the site. This is to make sure nothing illegal (i.e. weapons or drugs) is posted. We also take precautions against listing stolen items. We reserve the right to refuse listings of used items and retail products. The process normally takes less than 24 hours.

Why do the dead stock listings have timers for expiration?

In order to keep our content fresh, we must remove ads after 30 days. If the item was sold that’s a good thing. If it wasn’t sold, the seller may choose to list it again.

Why do the RFQ’s have timers for expiration?

RFQ’s posted here are quite urgent and expire after 7 days. The purchasers may not wish to be contacted after their needs are fulfilled.

What happens when I sell the item I listed or decide not to sell it?

You can simply log in and remove the add at any time for any reason.

Are any fees or commissions paid to BUSTLEBOARD.COM for a transaction?

All transactions are negotiated between the buyer and seller. No fees are charged to buy or sell items found on this site. Your first 2 listings and RFQ’s are free. You may purchase additional listings for $7.95 each. You may purchase additional RFQ’s for $5.95 each.

Is BUSTLEBOARD affiliated, in any way, with any manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers?

BUSTLEBOARD is wholly independent and operates as its own entity. Contact information is never shared, sold or distributed to any outside parties.

What if I am not satisfied with the item that I purchased from the seller found on this site?

The buyer must always beware. BUSTLEBOARD is very concerned for the honesty and integrity of its content. Please report any situation you may encounter where a product has been grossly misrepresented. BUSTLEBOARD is a conduit for facilitating free enterprise and cannot be held responsible for the unscrupulous actions of its users. All negotiations and transactions are conducted entirely between the buyer and seller.

Please email any additional questions or concerns to

Or call customer service at 262-497-0115